What's the most important question to ask during a job interview? See details on who and why: http://entm.ag/1MVdmCy
  1. “If you didn't have to work, why would you come into the office?”
  2. “What are you career goals over the next 3-5 years?”
  3. “Why do you do what you do?”
  4. “I don't ask questions; I talk to them.”
    I think asking typical questions can be like a game, but social interaction is much harder for someone to rehearse.
  5. “It isn't so much a question, but rather we always look to see if the person across the table has a passion for the field.”
  6. “Tell me a brief version of your life story.”
  7. “What do you like–and don't like—about [our company]?”
  8. “If you were given $1 million dollars every year for the rest of your life, what would you do?” After an answer, I ask “Ok so you've done that, what would you do next?” and continue asking that until they can't think of anything else.
  9. “Who were the competitors at the last company you worked for and how did your company differentiate itself?”
  10. “Why [us]?”