I'm an entrepreneur and shit gets real. Here's the life cycle of things Startup Founders Say.
  1. Screw it, let's do it!
  2. This is going to change the world!
  3. We're going to be the next Facebook!
  4. This was harder than it looked...
  5. What the fuck are we doing here!?
  6. If only we had money...
  7. Why won't people buy our product?
  8. Must. Keep. Shipping.
  9. Yes! Our first customers.
  10. I knew we would change the world.
  11. We can fix that for you Sally
  12. The customer's always right.
  13. Google is copying our business!!!!
  14. Must. Keep. Shipping.
  15. We're losing our early adopters!
  16. Fuck the customer!
  17. We're going to fail :(
  18. This was just a side project anyway...
  19. Fuck it I quit!
  20. ... Just kidding
  21. Must. Keep. Shipping.