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  1. is there wifi
  2. I hate ohare
  3. like who allowed this airport to be such a hub why hasn't it been organized better
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  1. thinking everyone over 5'10" is absolutely massive
  2. needing a stool for everything
  3. never finding jeans that fit
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  1. I hate kids
  2. family history of mental illnesses
  3. I'm mentally unstable
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(((I'll continue to add to this)))
  1. the trash prince to my trash princess
  2. drove me to CVS when I was sick
  3. aunt helen
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  1. if I was gay, you'd be my type
  2. you have to have sex with a guy at least once!
  3. I love you
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  1. I'm pretty sure I saw you at Spanish house and you ignored me
    fb msg from a boy I've never talked to
  2. Hey, can I have your number ?
    fb msg from Earlham boy who had just friended me, in June
  3. how do lesbians have sex
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  1. cry
  2. write lists on the list app
  3. sleep
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