1. if I was gay, you'd be my type
  2. you have to have sex with a guy at least once!
  3. I love you
  4. but girls are so much drama
  5. I'm like bicurious I want to experiment
  6. I hate boys!
  7. I should just date girls it'd be so much easier
  8. "I kissed a girl" is so relatable
  9. you're too pretty to be gay
  10. are you like a feminist?
  11. I like hot girls. they're pretty.
  12. I hate men...omg I need to go hug him he's perfect!
  13. your butt looks amazing when it's naked!
  14. I'm like soooooo gay for ruby rose
  15. if my gay friend can call me a bitch, then I can call him a f-g
  16. I'd marry her and I'm not even gay!