incomplete but still p funny
  1. is there wifi
  2. I hate ohare
  3. like who allowed this airport to be such a hub why hasn't it been organized better
  4. where are the outlets
  5. I think there are outlets behind me but there's a man over there and I am uncomfortable
  6. why are children still a thing people like
  7. there's a SPA right next to me
  8. I should get a pedicure
  9. it's probably like $20 and won't be very good
  10. but like.....I'm bored af
  11. I should connect to wifi
  12. done love free wifi thanks ohare
  13. LMAO I ONLY GET LIKE 30 MIN FREE adios bye ✌🏽
  14. I hate ohare
  15. did I just hear someone on CNN say "I trust Ted Cruz"
  16. why did I go to school in the midwest
  17. ((bc Earlham is your dream school, despite its under enrollment, financial problems, and D Dawson))
  18. right okay
  19. also like it's snowing that's p cool....even though snow is the reason I'm stuck here.....smdh
  20. now they are talking about Bernie! rad
  21. I hate politics
  22. can't wait to move to Iceland w RA Lily and start a commune or w/e it's called
  23. H Clinton was on Ellen smdh why these politicians doing shit like this
  24. all I wanna do is watch greys anatomy but there is no! free! wifi!
  25. that persons hair is really cute
  26. girls are so cute
  27. shit
  28. I'm so gay
  29. old people scare me
  30. I need to find an outlet and somewhere more comfortable to sit
  31. bc I want to sleep
  32. the man who was behind me got up
  33. he's weaRING CROCS
  35. they're all going to Cincinnati cool
  36. OH they were all at a different gate but got moved here okay
  37. oh fuck
  38. I lost my Chapstick while I was home
  39. I should buy more....later........
  40. women are so much nicer than men
  41. it's really jarring how much more I trust women
  42. when I'm around all women I feel so much more positive and relaxed
  43. why didn't I go to an all girls college
  44. why isn't Earlham an all girls college
  45. apparently a lot of them are super transphobic big surprise
  46. all the people headed to Cincinnati left tgods
  47. their gate got moved
  48. I'm going to move to the floor
  49. this is better!
  50. this is cold
  52. now there are people going to Syracuse here
  53. I should go walk around
  54. bathroom!!