1. The Revenant
    Incredible acting, cinematography. Beautiful shots everywhere. Several-minute-long shots of action scenes. I can only imagine the amount of choreography that went into it. I loved it. Not very much dialogue.
  2. Sicario
    Very good cinematography, looks and sounds amazing. Very good at making the threat of the enemies feel real, present, and impending without actually giving the enemies much screen time
  3. Steve jobs
    Michael Fassbender was good but the movie would probably be much more enjoyable for people interested in Steve jobs. Not my favorite but not awful
  4. The hateful eight
    Super long. Good and entertaining. Very interesting characters. Turns into a bloodbath like most (every?) Tarantino movies.
  5. Joy
    Good solid movie. Not outstanding but solid. I enjoyed it
  6. Me and earl and the dying girl
    Interesting. Still formulating my opinion on this one
  7. The big short
    Really, really good. Characters are great and not only is the plot/conflict very gripping, they manage to explain the housing bubble / recession of 2008 very accurately but in a way that anyone can understand without making the movie a documentary
  8. Concussion
    Do you hate the nfl? You might after watching it
  9. Train wreck
    Don't judge me. Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Had a couple chuckles