Jil Sander's Career History at Jil Sander

  1. 1968: Founded Jil Sander
  2. 1999: Prada buys 75% of Jil Sander (the company)
  3. 2000: Sander 'abruptly quits' Jil Sander due to conflicts with Prada's CEO
  4. 2003: Sander returns to Jil Sander on a 6 year contract
  5. 2004: Sander quits Jil Sander for the second time, due to conflicts with the same CEO she clashed with in 2000
  6. 2012: Raf Simons is fired from Jil Sander; days later, Sander returns to her brand
  7. 2013: Sander quits Jil Sander for the third time