1. Someone reading a magazine of mine before I've gotten a chance to read it
  2. Fluorescent lights
  3. Any seated party that has more guests than seats
  4. Keeping receipts
    99% of the time, you don't need that receipt
  5. When waiters don't swap the silverware between courses
  6. Antique reproductions
  7. Reservations for a bar
  8. CNN headlines that link to videos without a corresponding article
  9. Fake pearls
  10. 'Keep Calm & Carry On' paraphernalia
  11. Variations on 'Keep Calm & Carry On' paraphernalia
  12. Motorcycles
  13. The song 'Single Ladies'
  14. Not getting chopsticks at an Asian restaurant
  15. Rich people who don't recycle
  16. Competing noises (e.g. TV & radio on at the same time)
  17. 'Life is Good' bumper stickers
  18. Random guys on the street who tell me to smile
  19. White chocolate
  20. People who don't know how to catch the dock riding on the starboard side
  21. Forgetting my sunglasses
  22. Being asked to remove my heels when attending a party at a home with a hardwood floor
    My parents' house has hardwood floors from the 1930s. They never imposed a heel ban and their floors look great.
  23. Patch Adams
  24. Anything colorful served in a martini glass
  25. Tile floors