1. It's the evening of December 31st
  2. You're literally in the Champagne province of France
  3. Opening stockings on Christmas Eve
    (Birmingham family tradition)
  4. My birthday
  5. My half-birthday
  6. Your birthday
  7. Strolling through the Caesar's palace mall with @shinyunicorn on the way to the new Juicy store
    This only works if you can adjust your time machine to February 2005
  8. 3rd place in the tennis tournament
  9. Watching House of Cards on Netflix on your laptop
  10. Flat tire
  11. Whiskey & Wine restocks Noble Hill's MCC
  12. Someone dragged you to one of those annoying Miami nightclubs like LIV
  13. In the limo to Harvard/Yale
  14. Tuesday
  15. Streaming a Sofia Coppola film on mute
  16. While standing on a sandbar in the Cumberland River, Tennessee
  17. Hasty Pudding initiation
  18. Making an 80s playlist
  19. In Rob's pool in Captiva, even after he objects
  20. Aesthetician running 10 minutes late
  21. Paired with a cheeseburger from Five Guys
  22. As a substitute for beer when playing Beirut
  23. Prior to petting a cheetah