1. No room on the 99 B Line, especially because there is a man on the bus with 3 garbage bags full of cans
  2. Your umbrella got stolen again, so you just give up on owning an umbrella and wait for opportunity to strike for some restorative justice and you inherit a new umbrella from someone else you don't know
  3. Someone mentioning how Mayor Gregor is hot anytime that bike lanes are brought up in conversation
  4. VancityBuzz consistently using click bait to get you to read about SkyTrain delays and where to find the best sandwiches in the city
  5. You can list more craft breweries than you can Tim Hortons locations
  6. Construction starts on a new condo tower and you can't remember what was there before. A pizza place? A bunch of Vancouver specials?
  7. You sometimes wonder where Ryan Reynolds's parents live in Kitsilano, and if you have ever served them coffee without you knowing that they are Ryan Reynolds's parents, and that's pretty cool.
  8. You know way too many people that work at Lululemon or Hootsuite #joblove
  9. Getting an unsolicited offer on your house by a developer that wants to raise all the houses on the block for a new condo development
  10. Cherry blossoms on cherry blossoms on cherry blossoms
  11. Being unsure what is in "South East" Vancouver and who lives there