Cheesy Presents That I Will Always Happily Accept

I once read this article by some spoiled brat about all the "cheesy" presents that she wouldn't allow her boyfriend to get her. The article really ticked me off for multiple reasons, so here's a list of items that may be considered "cheesy" that I'll always accept.
  1. Anything from Bath and Body Works
    I love lotion, I love body spray, I love bubble bath, and I love shower gel.
  2. Anything homemade
    One of my favorite presents is a silhouette painting of Rafiki presenting little Simba on Pride Rock thar my friend painted and gave me for me 15th (I think) birthday. It's still hanging in my room.
  3. Giftcards
    Especially to restaurants or the spa!
  4. Pictures in a frame
    My room is covered in pictures, the more the merrier.
  5. Flowers
    My friend gave me flowers for my birthday one year, and it was my favorite gift. They were beautiful.
  6. Chocolate
    Cuz duh. Just make sure it's GF.