A prayer that I'm sure almost all of us—believers and non-believers—understand.
  1. The violence and hatred in this world is despicable.
    Right now, I keep on coming in contact with stories only a degree or two away from me of people who have had their lives destroyed by violence and hate.
  2. As a pacifist and as a Christian, I believe in loving everyone.
    I believe even the worst among us have dignity, and I don't believe in the death penalty.
  3. But I keep on hearing these awful stories.
    Last year an acquaintance of mine's father and brother were shot in cold blood inside their house. Last week a CNA I worked with was killed by a drunk driver who is likely to get away with it because he is politically connected. A few days ago, a girl that many of my friends knew was brutally stabbed to death over a thousand dollars at the fast food place she worked out.
  4. Let's not forget all of the terrorists who shoot up movie theaters, night clubs, schools, etc.
  5. How, Lord, am I supposed to not wish them a miserable life?
    How am I supposed to not want them dead?
  6. How can I not be filled with such hate and anger?
  7. I know I'm supposed to believe that as a human being, people have inherent dignity that cannot be taken away.
    But when they take away someone else's dignity away by brutally cutting a life short, how can I see them as a person and not monster?
  8. Dear Lord, this is something I truly struggle with.
    I want to rise above. I want to be the better person.
  9. It's just so hard. 😔
  10. So, I ask all of you, if you pray, please pray for my heart.
    And if you don't pray, I'd appreciate any advice you could give me to conquer this anger.
  11. (I know this list was somewhat all over the place; it's just been on my mind.)