Fictional Characters I'd Marry in a Heartbeat

  1. Jim Halpert from The Office
    B/c he's the best (except for that hot second he decided to be all sketchy with Pam about Philadelphia)
  2. Nick Miller from New Girl
    Okay, so he's kind of a mess. But he's also funny and passionate. And that's sexy.
  3. Josh Lyman from The West Wing
    B/c he's got "you know, the boyish thing."
  4. Jim Harper from The Newsroom
    Jim's affection for Maggie is so beautiful. He's such a GOOD guy, and I love the puppy dog thing John Gallagher, Jr. has going.
  5. Chuck Bartowski from Chuck
    Okay, so I haven't finished this show yet, but Zachary Levi is just too much as Chuck. I'd be his in a heartbeat--spy baggage or not.
  6. Li Shang from Mulan
    B/c he's a MAN. And I had to include at least one of my animated crushes.
  7. Ron Weasley from Harry Potter (books mainly)
    Hermione Granger is one lucky girl.
  8. Michael Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries (books)
    Michael just seems so kind and mature. Very no drama. Plus Mia says he smells good. 👍