I know most of these things have been covered before in the past, but I want to see them revamped. We are after all in a golden age of television. Netflix, HBO, Showtime: Get on this!
  1. Jack the Ripper
    This would make a fantastic miniseries. Everybody loves stories of serial killers as sick as they are. Showtime should pick up this idea to replace the hole they left when Dexter ended.
  2. Camelot/Knights of the Round Table/King Arthur
    Okay, so this isn't an historical event, but it's a classic story that everyone loves.
  3. Black Dahlia
    I know they made this into a movie, but truly, I didn't care for it. It would make another great miniseries.
  4. Hollywood's Golden Age
    1930s-1960s Hollywood was such an exciting time both on screen and behind the scenes. This show could cover sexism, drug abuse, eating disorders, etc.
  5. Edgar Allan Poe
    For this one, I'd want a TV show about his life (as opposed to his works). The show could take some liberties about how his different life experiences inspired his work.
  6. The American Revolution
    It could start with the Boston Massacre (1700) or if that's too early, the Boston Tea Party (1773). There was so much excitement going on at this time, I think this would make a great series on AMC or something.