A neurotic girl's list
  1. I was just a mean or spiteful person for absolutely no reason
    And it breaks my heart that I allowed myself to behave in such a deplorable way.
  2. I didn't make grand, brave, bold gestures
    And I am regretful because I should have done something.
  3. I didn't speak my mind or defend my opinion
    And I am ashamed that I didn't defend an opinion that I view as important.
  4. I didn't allow myself to accept or bask in a compliment
    And I'm bummed because most people don't go around handing out compliments without reason and I probably came off as rude.
  5. I sounded like a hypocrite when I 100% didn't mean to be
    And I'm fearful that people view me negatively because of this.
  6. I didn't tell the truth
    And I ponder what would have happened if I did.
  7. I lost touch with friends
    And I hope they don't resent me for it.
  8. I made big life choices
    And I hope and pray I made the right one.