If I Were Trapped on a Desert Island With Only 3 Tv Shows

This is incredibly difficult for me b/c I love television, but here we go!
  1. The Office (U.S.)
    Hands down my favorite TV show, so this is a given. I could live vicariously through Jim and Pam while I'm stuck on the island, and laugh for NINE SEASONS at all the glorious office antics.
  2. Dexter
    Despite the ending that broke me into a million pieces, I'd have to have this one with me. I'd need a drama to balance out the comedic pick I chose above. Also Michael C. Hall.
  3. Grey's Anatomy
    I want to be a doctor, so, of course, this show is coming with me. I have to stay on track with all the medical terminology while I'm stuck on the island, don't I?