Inspired by the list written by @courtney__jill
  1. 21st Television
    What is Veep? Who is Ryan Murphy? What is Showtime?
  2. Psychology
    Who is Watson? What is the cerebellum? What is meta-analysis?
  3. Catholicism
    What is John 3:16? Who is Doubting Thomas? What is the Wedding at Cana?
  4. Oscar Winners
    What is Silence of the Lambs? Who is Halle Berry? Who are Matt Damon and Ben Affleck?
  5. The British Royal Family
    Who is Sarah, Duchess of York? What is Westminster Abbey? What is Balmoral?
  6. Beyoncé
    Who is Blue Ivy? What is Destiny's Child? Who is Sasha Fierce?
  7. Biology
    What is the Central Dogma? Who are Watson and Crick? What is the Endocrine system?