1. Run an internet site about TV fandom
    Basically, this would be a fandom site mostly about ships on different TV shows. I love going back and watching a the cute moments b/w characters, but I don't always remember the episode. This site would have an archive of all your favorite moments between your favorite ships. Want to know when Josh threw snowballs at Donna's window? This website's got it! Want to know when Chuck kisses Sarah for the first time? This website's got it!
  2. Clean toilets for The Queen
    I love The Queen and the royal family. I'd be happy cleaning toilets at Buckingham Palace if it meant I might bump into her (figuratively) every once and awhile.
  3. Write an autobiographical screenplay
    I've actually got a few great anecdotes that make my life pretty readable and hilarious. My best friend would probably have to ghost write this for me though.
  4. Research Sharks
    I've always been obsessed with sharks, so why not research them professionally?
  5. Become a struggling writer in Italy
    I'll spend my days at cafes and attempt to write great YA novels.