Yes, I know that most are married.
  1. Michael C. Hall-45
    MCH is kind of the love of my life. I wrote him a fan letter once and he mailed back an autograph. He just married his third wife a couple months ago.
  2. Glenn Howerton-40
    I first started crushing on him when he played charming Cliff on The Mindy Project. Now, I'm a huge It's Always Sunny fan, and Dennis is my favorite character. Also married.
  3. Jason Bateman-47
    Pretty sure Jason Bateman gets better with age. His hair is so full and his eyes are so blue; I love him. Married, of course.
  4. Jorma Taccone-39
    I've always crushed on The Lonely Island Members, but after seeing Popstar, I realized just how cute Jorma is. He is also married.
  5. Charlie Day-40.
    Charlie is equally cute as dumb Charlie Day as he is as the nerd in Pacific Rim. Charlie is married to The Waitress from It's Always Sunny.
  6. Jake Johnson-38
    Not sure if my crush is on the actor Jake Johnson or the character Nick Miller. Either way, he's cute and charming. Also married.
  7. Mark Hamill-64
    And I don't even mean just young Mark Hamill. Honestly, I think he's still cute now. Plus, he seems like the nicest guy on earth. Married since 1978.
  8. Rob James-Collier-39
    Although I have a love/hate relationship with his character on Downton Abbey, there is no denying how tall, dark, and handsome he is. He's either married or has a long time partner.
  9. Steve Carell-53
    Michael Scott may be super unattractive, but Steve Carell is certainly not. He just seems like the kindest, most charming guy, and he's getting better looking with age. Also married.
  10. John Krasinski-36
    I mean, he's everyone's fave, right? He is just 6'3" of beautifulness. Married to the beautiful Emily Blunt
  11. Reid Scott-38
    There's something so disgustingly attractive about the character he plays on Veep, but he seems like a good guy in real life based on some interviews I've seen. He's also got the tall, dark, and handsome thing going. Married, of course.
  12. Jeremy Piven-50
    I fell in love with Jeremy Piven after watching Entourage. He's so good looking, so brawny, and so talented. The only one on this list that's for sure not married.
  13. Bill Hader-38
    Giphy downsized medium
    One of the funniest men in entertainment in my opinion. I love listening to him in interviews. He's so funny and sweet. He's married.