Movies I’ll Always Watch if They’re on Tv

These are just a few of many, many movies..
  1. A Few Good Men
    This one is ALWAYS on TV and it never gets old. Also, Aaron Sorkin is AMAZING. Lastly, if my dad had a list, this would also be #1 on his. He can quote the courtroom scene verbatim,
  2. 13 Going on 30
    This was one of the first chick flicks I ever saw (in theaters with my dad, no less!). Not only is it a cute movie, it's visually very pleasing to my 80s loving mind.
  3. The Dark Knight
    Wait--I saw this movie in theaters with my dad too! Weirdly, I didn't love it when I watched it the first time, but my appreciation for this movie grows each time it's on.
  4. Never Been Kissed
    I think this is my favorite role Drew Barrymore has ever played. This movie just makes me smile. Also, I definitely have a crush on David Arquette in this movie as Josie's brother.
  5. The Holiday
    This is one of my favorite RomComs. Of course, Jude Law is beautiful in it, but I actually watch it for Iris (Kate Winslet) and her story. I love the growth of her relationship with Jack Black just as much as I love how Arthur helps her on her journey of self-discovery.