I did musical theatre for 10 years (8-18) all over my city. Here's a list of shows I always wanted to do and never got to be in.
  1. Into the Woods
    I always wanted to be Little Red (and when I got older I wanted to be either The Witch or Baker's Wife). I even knew a director who really wanted to do the show as well, but the musical director he worked with didn't care for Sondheim.
  2. Pippin
    Just stick me in the back and let me Ensemble Member #17 or something!
  3. Hair
    This was obviously never going to happen since I stopped performing at 18...but I still dream of being an ensemble member in this show.
  4. Bonus: Wicked
    So cliché, I know. But tell me, who DOESN'T want to secretly (or not so secretly) be in this show. It's never going to come to any type of non regional theater, I don't think, so it's never going to be an option, but man, would I kill to be Elphaba.