This is a really lazy list, but I'm procrastinating, so here goes nothing...
  1. 😊
    Of all the smiles, it's the one I use most often. It encompasses happiness, satisfaction, and gratitude. That sounds sooo lame, I know, but to me, it looks like a smiley whose just had a really good meal. (Hence, the satisfaction and gratitude.)
  2. 😍
    Used when I send my friends pics of my celebrity crush of the week.
  3. 😏
    Used whenever I suggest plans or when I am feeling particularly snarky.
  4. 👍
    The thumbs up is my new "Okay."
  5. 😑
    Used when a friend gives a lame-ass reply or is trying to be cheesy-funny.
  6. 😶
    I use this emoji when I don't really know what to respond, or when "shots have been fired."
  7. 😁
    This is my favorite and most used emoji. I use it in abundance and for everything. Discussing an upcoming test with a classmate: 😁😁😁. Discussing plans that are trying to be made: 😁😁😁😁. Basically anything: 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁