Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. My first best friend is actually my current best friend.
    I had other close friends before that, but she was the first person I inwardly *felt* was my best friend.
  2. Her name is Emily and we met in PreK 3.
    She claims she remembers the day we met, but I have no recollection of it. Em says we met at a water fountain. She asked me my name, and I supposedly answered while mid-drink.
  3. Throughout grammar and middle school we remained close.
    Occasionally we'd be a little less close, but we always had a great bond.
  4. We went to separate high schools and basically lost touch for a semester.
    Fortunately, we're both theatre nerds. We both auditioned for a musical at one of the boys' schools that needed girls. We were both cast and immediately reunited.
  5. We've basically been unstoppable best friends ever since.
    Despite having gone to different high schools and colleges, we've remained in constant touch. I feel so fortunate to have been so close to her for 18 years of my life. 😊