1. People who mumble song lyrics because they're trying to sing along.
    This habit makes me lose my damn mind.
  2. When someone equates "bombing" a test with getting a C.
    Exception: if the average was an A, I won't be as annoyed.
  3. When people simplify really complex issues.
    At least try to understand why certain things may not be completely black and white.
  4. When people are selfrightous jerks on Facebook.
    This goes for both sides of the political and religious spectrum. I've seen tons of civil political and religious discussions in person, but very few on Facebook.
  5. When I tell someone something my parents won't let me do, and they say "But you're 22, you can do whatever you want!"
    Yeah, not if I want to live at home for a little while longer and have them pay my tuition.