I'm a premed undergrad and I volunteer at a Geriatric Psych Unit. I love Geriatrics and either want to be a Geriatric Internist or Geriatric Psychiatrist. These are some of the patients I hung out with and try to remember to pray for.
  1. The petite lady in the early stages of dementia
    She was the first patient I bonded with. Poor thing got severe anxiety and constantly needed to be talked down. I think about her often.
  2. The veteran who was in there for dementia and aggression
    He was a repeat visitor. He was always so kind to me despite the aggression problems.
  3. The woman who told me I was beautiful
    This woman had severe dementia and was constantly throwing fits and demanding to go home. I'd sit with her to redirect her and keep her from getting worked up. She would shower me in compliments.
  4. The man who I played Jeopardy with
    He totally saw my "redirection act," but he was impressed with how good I was at Jeopardy. He's on hospice now.
  5. The woman whose hand I held
    She screamed A LOT because she was really anxious (and also mostly blind). She really loved having someone hold her hand though.
  6. There are so many more that I had smaller interactions with, but these guys have my heart.