As of season 5...
  1. Dennis Reynolds
    I know that Dennis is probably the most morally bankrupt of the characters, but that's kind of why I love him. His character quirks make me laugh just as much as any overt joke. Also, Glenn Howerton 😍
  2. Charlie Kelly
    Charlie only comes in second because it took me a little more time to warm up to him. Charlie is definitely the heart of the show and probably the most moral of the gang. He shines in The Nightman Cometh.
  3. Mac
    I like Mac and I think his characterization is surprisingly unique, but for me, there's nothing special about him.
  4. "Sweet" Dee Reynolds
    It took me a good while to not overtly dislike Dee. I'm still not a big fan, but Kaitlin Olson does such a good job, so I've learned to like her.
  5. Frank Reynolds
    Honestly, I really don't like Frank as a character, and I usually don't enjoy the storyline he is a part of as much as I enjoy the other episode's storyline. Despite this, Danny DeVito does an incredible job playing him. He makes Frank a million times better than if he were played by anyone else.