Ranking of the Downton Abbey Characters

Based on every character considered in the main cast in any season. SPOILERS AHEAD
  1. 32.
    Ms. O'Brien
    Do I have sympathy for O'Brien? Yes. Do I basically hate her character anyway? Yes.
  2. 31.
    Jimmy Kent
    Least favorite of the men's staff. Kind of a jerk.
  3. 30.
    Tony Gillingham
    I have no idea why his relationship with Mary lasted as long as it did. I never really liked him.
  4. 29.
    Henry Talbot
    Really? This is the guy Mary ultimately chooses? He's just so blah to me. I feel like they tried really hard to justify why he and Mary belonged together, but I wasn't buying it.
  5. 28.
    Andy Parker
    Kinda forgettable, but not a bad guy. I felt bad that he couldn't read.
  6. 27.
    She was just annoying.
  7. 26.
    Gwen Dawson
    Also forgettable, but to be fair, the cap between her seasons is really long. She's sweet though and good for her for being ambitious.
  8. 25.
    Ethel Parks
    I feel bad for Ethel mostly. Not as bad as you originally think she is.
  9. 24.
    Bertie Pelham
    Just seemed like an affable guy. I'm glad he makes Edith happy.
  10. 23.
    Dr. Clarkson
    Dr. Clarkson isn't anyone special, but he's a consistently good man.
  11. 22.
    Alfred Nugent
    Decent guy, if I recall correctly. I'm glad he got to leave to go on to bigger and better things.
  12. 21.
    Ohh, Daisy. She means well, but oh my goodness, she drives me crazy most of the time. I do respect her for bettering herself though.
  13. 20.
    William Mason
    Was a good guy. I always felt sympathy for him. RIP
  14. 19.
    Ms. Baxter
    I really like Ms. Baxter's story and her evolution. She really comes into her own, and I'm really glad she appears happy at the end of the series.
  15. 18.
    Ms. Patmore
    Sometimes Ms. Patmore gets on my nerves, but other times she really cracks me up. Overall, I know she means well and is a really decent person.
  16. 17.
    Lady Rose
    At first, I didn't like Rose that much, but she really grew on me throughout her time at Downton. She really grows up, and I love how she looks out for those she cares for.
  17. 16.
    Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham
    Robert is a good aristocrat and a good man, but I'll never fully get over him kissing that housemaid.
  18. 15.
    Charles Blake
    Charles Blake is the only guy other than Matthew that I could really see Lady Mary marrying, so I was bummed when he went away. I think they would have been a good match, and I think the way he and Mary are together is the way they tried to get Mary and Henry Talbot to be.
  19. 14.
    Isobel Crawley
    Isobel is a little frustrating, but such a good woman. She's not one of my faves, but she's high on the list because she's such a good person.
  20. 13.
    Mr. Carson
    Good, old Mr. Carson. He'd be higher up, but I got pretty annoyed with him after he married Mrs. Hughes. I do love his love for Mary and his loyalty to Downton though.
  21. 12.
    Mr. Bates
    I love Bates. He'd also be higher up, but I don't care for his temper because it causes Anna grief.
  22. 11.
    Joseph Molesley
    What a good man! One of the most genuine characters in the series.
  23. 10.
    Lady Sybil
    I really liked Lady Sybil, and she was my second favorite Crawley sister even after her death for a long time. She too is just a really good, genuine person.
  24. 9.
    Lady Edith
    Okay, so I didn't like Lady Edith for the longest time, to be honest. I really didn't warm to her until the last season, but when I did, I really grew to like and respect her.
  25. 8.
    Matthew Crawley
    WHYY? WHY'D HE HAVE TO DIE! I think Matthew would have ultimately been my favorite character had he lived through the whole series. He and Mary's romance is beautiful.
  26. 7.
    Thomas Barrow
    I always loved Barrow, even at his most heinous. My heart continuously broke for him, especially in the last season. Seeing him cry was too much. But seeing Barrow with the children made me so, so happy. I really would like to believe that he has his own happy ending.
  27. 6.
    Anna Bates
    Anna is just the greatest. She's so lovely and I'm so glad she gets her happy ending.
  28. 5.
    Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham
    Cora is not at all who I expected her to be. I really respect her, and I think she's so good for the Crawley family and for Downton.
  29. 4.
    Mrs. Hughes
    Okay, I LOVE Mrs. Hughes. To me, she is the Minerva McGonagall of Downton Abbey (which is kind of ironic, I guess). Mrs. Hughes from day one has had a special place in my heart. She's a good soul.
  30. 3.
    Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham.
    Like Cora, Violet never ceased to surprise me. I hardcore respect her, and I think her snobbery is hilarious because it's typically not cruel.
  31. 2.
    Lady Mary
    Okay, Lady Mary probably would have been ranked number one had she not betrayed Edith so badly in the last season. Like Barrow, she's complex, sometimes cruel, but frequently surprising. I love so much when she rises to the occasion and shows her good side.
  32. 1.
    Tom Branson
    Tom is such an interesting, well-developed character. I loved seeing him become part of the Crawley family. Honestly, I wouldn't have been at all upset if he and Mary would have gotten together later in the series—I really kind of thought they might. But regardless, Tom is such a good, moral man, and I love him.