1. They understand each other's lifestyle.
    They are both arguably at the top of the fame ladder. These two ladies understand the isolation that can come with fame and the need for discretion. They could be each other's confidante.
  2. Their kids can have play dates
    Imagine Blue Ivy, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte playing together. They're all beautiful children. Imagine the pictures.
  3. They're both fashionistas
    Beyoncé and Kate are both known for their amazing fashion choices. They could bond over their love of fashion and getting dressed up.
  4. Positive America-UK relations
    The royalty of America mixing with the royalty of the United Kingdom. This alliance would be unstoppable.
  5. They're both charitable.
    Beyoncé has been known for her support of the BLM movement and has made statements against police brutality. Kate focuses a great deal on mental health, particularly in children. These ladies could put on a joint fundraiser and raise crazy amounts of money for their causes.
  6. They're basically two of my faves, and I would die of happiness if these two beautiful ladies became besties.