I spend a lot of money on take-out and drinks. Here's a list of things that my money ~should~ go to instead.
  1. Undergarments
    I literally only wear two bras—my sports bra and a black bra. I also should invest in some cute underwear. Basically, all my undergarments are basic.
  2. A pair of black heels.
    I own one pair of black heels that I bought four years ago. They're very strappy and not as versatile as I'd like.
  3. Charity
    I really want to start donating regularly to charities I care about.
  4. A new pair of sweatpants
    My favorite pair of sweatpants are 5 years old. They've got holes in them and they are threadbare, but this pair of sweats has been with me through everything, and I can't part with them.
  5. An HBO and a Hulu account
    B/c I'm a TV need
  6. More frequents haircuts
    I get my haircut twice a year. By the time I get my hair cut, the split ends have split ends.