Inspired by everyone
  1. People who talk about their dreams
    I love talking about mine, and tbh, I really don't mind listening to other people's.
  2. People who literally never stop talking.
    Sorry bout it.
  3. Girls who don't keep up with their eyebrows.
    I'm a poor college student. I get my eyebrows waxed usually every two months. By that two month mark, my eyebrows are pretty disastrous, but I can't afford to get them done more than that. Not that anyone should really give a crap.
  4. Girls who let their nail polish chip.
    I don't have the time to constantly touch up my nails. Again, not that anyone should give a crap.
  5. People who complain about being ~so~ busy.
    I'm actually doing a lot better at this
  6. People who are passive aggressive.
    I'm probably the most passive aggressive person I know. It can occasionally be debilitating.