Things That Made Me Cry This Week

Damn hormones
  1. The finale of The People vs. O.J. Simpson.
    I cried first when they announced the verdict. Knowing that the Goldmans and the Browns didn't get justice breaks my heart. I cried again during the closing credits.
  2. Going back and watching the real verdict.
    I was 2 years old, I think, during the trial, so I didn't experience it first hand. After the show ended, I went back and watched the real verdict. Listening to Ron Goldman's sister sob as they read "Not Guilty" killed me.
  3. Reading an article about a TSA agent interacting kindly with an autistic boy.
    A mom was taking her non-verbal autistic son on a plane to Disney, and when the TSA man realized her son was autistic, he was so kind to her and her son.
  4. Freaking out about my life.
    I cried on the way home from class the other day, while listening to "Wait For It" from Hamilton. I was very upset and unsure about my life and if I had the capabilities to do what I wanted to do.
  5. Listening to the song "7 years."
    That song came on in the car and I couldn't help but to cry a little. I hate thinking about time flying so fast.
  6. Bonus: Watching Ryan Seacrest sign off on American Idol one last time.
    I didn't actually cry, but I definitely teared up.