1. A lot of the people on this app get really personal.
    And I love it. I love reading about people's personal triumphs, tribulations, deep thoughts, and worries.
  2. And I love that this is an app where people can do that without fear of judgment.
  3. But for some reason, I'm terrified of getting too personal.
    There are a handful of personal things I'd love to list about. Many of them might even make for interesting reading.
  4. One reason I'm scared is because I'm afraid the wrong person/people will somehow see them.
    I know first hand what it's like to find something on the internet that you weren't suppose to find and for it to completely change a relationship. There are certain people as well as most real-life acquaintances that I wouldn't want reading my personal thoughts, particularly the more vulnerable ones.
  5. Another reason is that I fear coming off wrong.
    Whether it be annoying or depressing or attention-grabbing. The thing about the internet, texting, and the like is that you can't hear someone's tone. I'd hate for someone to mistake my vulnerability for attention-seeking or fishing for compliments.
  6. There's so much I have to say, and I feel like this is a safe space to say it; however, I'm just too paranoid.
  7. Hopefully as times goes on, I'll feel less afraid and paranoid.
    *Fingers crossed*