What I actually did: Laid in bed with the curtains drawn, watching old episodes of Bachelor in Paradise and eating McDonalds.
  1. Work
    Wipe some butts, earn some $$.
  2. Clean my apartment
    It's filthy.
  3. Clean my car
    It's filthier.
  4. Work out.
    A little mo cardio.
  5. Cook
    Actually turn on my oven...I think it still works?
  6. Go to the pool.
    It was 80* & beautiful today. Not that I would know.
  7. Go on a walk.
    Again with the exercise.
  8. Read a book.
    The new Harry Potter is calling my name.
  9. Go to church
  10. Hang out with my family.
    They're the best.
  11. Hang out with my friends
    They're pretty awesome as well.
  12. Go on a date
    LOL. Just kidding on that last one.