Stay fly ~
  1. Pretend you aren't listening to that semi-comical conversation.
    Are they flirting? Fighting? Exchanging life stories? Maybe even mentioning their lackluster sex life or better yet the opposite; regardless, keep your head down and chuckles to a minimum.
  2. Don't fall victim to airport food and prices.
    Yes, I know that family sized bag of Lay's BBQ chips are basically screaming your name. But are they worth $22? Try bringing your own packaged snacks and save a few buck$.
  3. Check your bag curbside.
    Yes, you'll have to tip a little bit but that will be worth it when you not only don't have to wait 50 minutes in line but also get a little leeway with those extra pounds on your suitcase.
  4. Wear comfy clothes.
    It's not going to matter that you look cute when you're freezing and constipated.
  5. Window seat or die.
    Want to snooze a bit? Great, you've got a wall to rest on. That movie with a few too many awkward scenes? Casually angle the screen as opposed to feeling all the eyes around. Also, some cities have some great views and how else can you capture them for your Snapchat story? Yeah, that's what I thought. *exception: if you're claustrophobic you should probably get the aisle.
  6. Put the armrest down before the person next to you comes.
    It's just uncomfortable if you don't, okay? How about if the person fills the seat completely and you have to either run thighs with them for the whole flight or push the armrest against their body while you both sit there quietly. Exactly.
  7. Zip your purse/murse/bag/etc.
    Takeoff and landing can be rough and things can easily fall out, and trust me, if you don't notice before heading off the plane, you'll never see it again. XYZ people.
  8. Sleep on the tray table.
    You're welcome.
  9. Don't forget your headphones.
    They are really multi-purpose: music, movies, casually but not rudely having a reason to ignore Chatty Cathy to your left, the list goes on...
  10. Other random things to bring
    Lip balm, travel tissues, a hair tie (that one's for you ladies, and I suppose you sexy man bun goers)