We're quick to assume boys have been given all the resources, as if we've got it all figured out, but alot of what our culture considers "manly" are demonstrations of failed manhood—aggression, fighting, incurable sexual appetites.
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    Empathy: Teach them that others matter more than themselves.
    Thanks @LizDawson: What if men organized all their power and energy around the feelings and concerns of others? Um. No more war? Maybe consider that "We before me" is a true sign of manhood.
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    Aggression: Is for bullies, cowards, terrorist and stupid people.
    When we feel threatened, insecure or disrespected, perhaps we don't lash out and attack - physically or psychologically - and instead self reflect on why others aren't listening our following us. Violence comes from a lack of intelligence and self control. It's the ultimate sign of weakness.
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    Community: Is capacity and we all need capacity.
    Women learn to build, nurture, and depend upon their sisters while men tend to use, degrade and pride themselves on not needing any help. All things which leave us alone and weak.