Gender equality has surged in regards to entitlement and fairness, but little has been said regarding paving the way.
  1. Girls now must compete for the same roles as boys.
    Sure we can still open a door and lay a jacket over a puddle, but only out of form and tradition. Nowadays the ladies need to be able to kick the door in or jump the puddle the same as us. Chivalry is not dead it's just no longer required.
  2. We tell all our children they can be anything they want but we rarely teach them how
    We need to teach our girls how to branch out from traditional roles so they don't end up having to marry some dirt bag. You really can't be anything you want when you grow up. You have to make enough money too.
  3. Girls need to be taught how to embrace failure as much as boys.
    There is a difference between failure and failing to try. Failure means you tried and you need to try again. Failing means you never tried or stopped. We tend to wear white gloves when dealing with little girls. This isn't how the world is going to treat them. So kiss that scraped knee and tell them to get back out there just like you would a boy. Life is going to be full of ups and downs they need to know how to deal with adversity.