Life is crazy and shit happens. Today Belisa, my wife, had to have her uterus removed. Here are a few things that got us through the day.
  1. Know God.
    Not everything in life makes sense or feels fair, like not ever being able to have another baby again for instance. Get to know who created all of this craziness and you'll begin to understand, our at least believe, that he's got a plan working in the background that we don't yet understand. Hey if Hollywood can keep us in suspense for 60 of 90 minutes I think God can too. Today I trusted him and it got me through it.
  2. Help a lot of other people before you need help.
    Belisa knows nothing but to care for others and when we care for more than ourselves we have more than ourselves to care for us. She taught me that. For weeks people have been picking our kids up from school, cooking us meals and yes... even buying me beer. Why? Because for years Belisa has been caring for them.
  3. Think twice
    They said the finality of never being able to have kids again would hit us and we ignored it. That was until the nurse had us sign the acknowledgement form stating the obvious (I guess someone has sued). Though I have four kids a vasectomy and no desire to have more, the beauty of kids caught me by the heart and the tears welled. If I had thought more about it I wouldn't have changed what we did but I would have honored and respected the choice much more.