1. A collection of books for sale with titles like, "To See the Saw Movies: Essays on Torture Porn and Post-9/11 Horror." I have loved this kind of stuff ever since an English professor explained to me how the "Twilight" phenomenon is a response to Islamofascism!
  2. A picture of the "Game of Thrones" cast to send to the biggest fan I know, my mom.
  3. Information on a panel that I wanted to attend but missed, on body confidence in the cosplay community.
  4. The book I ended up buying from that publisher. I suspect little has changed since it was published in 2006! I paid $28 for this.
  5. A picture of Bruce Dern I was going to use as a set-up for a joke about how it was the first time he was at Comic Con since the "Nebraska" panel of 2013. Joke never materialized.
  6. Invader Zim characters, for reference when I remember that a girl at summer camp started talking to me because she thought I looked like one of them. I never got the whole story here. She was a ballerina who did a talent show routine, pirouetting around a lit candle to "Papa, Can You Hear Me?"