This list took waaaay too long to make.
  1. Walking on train tracks.
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    Why?? To where?? Youre not johnny cash or a hobo. Take an uber and get a guitar case.
  2. Looking away longingly
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    It hurts to even look at you, girl
  3. Looking at us longingly
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    It hurts to even look at you, girl
  4. Rockstar Casual
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    Dont you wish you dress like this for YOUR job?!?
  5. Laughing next to a piano
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    Pianos are rarely funny in my experience
  6. Holding a saxophone
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    So nobody mistakes you for a singer
  7. Waiting in an alley.
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    Alleys are terrible places to be discovered. Almost no one goes to one to hear music. Also, get some shoes
  8. The Rolling Stone cover
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    This is as CLOSE as youll ever get to this guy! All white background preferred.
  9. The Untied Tux
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    Work is over. Now its just us alone.
  10. We'll dress up, but only if it's on OUR terms!
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  11. The band that SHOULD dress up so we know theyre not Banana Republic models
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  12. In a field of long grass
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    Suggested by @elooto
  13. The head scratch/running your hand through your hair
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    Suggested by @betsy