1. Frank Sinatra
    Nothing to say that hasnt already been said. The man could swing
  2. Louis Prima
    So wonderful. His live albums are fantastic. He did 5 shows a night at the sahara in vegas so his band was super tight. As a result, their studio albums have a ton of energy and a live feel.
  3. Nat King Cole
    Known for his ballads, but his earlier work as a jazz pianist and singer is great. "round midnight" album is a personal fave
  4. Dean Martin
    Didnt have the hits that Frank had, but often used the same orchestra arranger. Could really nail it sometimes.
  5. Bobby Darin
    Wanted to be sinatra and did a pretty good job
  6. Chet Baker
    Suggested by @seantimberlake
  7. Mel Torme
    The Velvet Fog
    Suggested by @seantimberlake