Inspired by @gabimoskowitz being over current food trends. Here's something to look forward to at restaurants!
  1. Sea Sand
    More flavor than sea salt
  2. Dessert Tapas
    "We usually recommend about 2-3 per person". These cost $9 each
  3. Sustainable Filtered Urine Water
    No charge. We have our filter here at the restaurant!
  4. Non Tasting Menu
    We serve 18 beautiful courses and encourage you to admire but not eat
  5. Tableside Check Splitting
    Beautiful presentation of splitting the check 6 ways, done right at the table with a calculator
  6. Wonderbread Basket
    Its the irony of drinking PBR but in bread form!
  7. Alcoholic Mocktails
    "Would you like to add a shot of bourbon to that?"
  8. Artisan McNuggets
    Housemade sweet n sour sauce
  9. "Dysfunctional-Family Style"
    You will enjoy a quiet dinner together as a family. No, you may not be excused.
  10. Lizards and Snakes
    Hot new protein!