"Jet lag is for amateurs." - Dick Clark
  1. Water!
    Drink it the day before your flight, on your flight and after your flight. Drink a ton!
  2. The second you board your plane, it is whatever time it is in your destination city
    Beating jetlag begins with boarding. If you get on the plane around midnight of the city where youre going, try to go to sleep!
  3. eat on new schedule immediately
    Get your body on the new schedule. Take pills, eat meals. Whatever you do routinely, start doing it on the new timezone immediately. Your body will take cues from this
  4. Safe sleeping pills
    Ambien is too crazy. I like melatonin or tylenol pm to help knock me out when i should be sleeping. Works on planes too!
  5. Stop thinking about what time it is at home!!
    Dont be that guy saying "can you believe is 1am back home?!" Youre playing tricks on your mind. It is only the time here. There is no other time.
  6. Routine!
    Get into your routine! Drink your coffee when you normally do, read the paper when you normally do, use the bathroom when you normally do. You get the idea...
  7. Exercise!
    Lots of people go right to bed when they land. Wrong! Go for a walk. A run. Get the blood pumping. Be active. Youll feel better.
  8. Schedule something right off the bat
    I usually have something planned for as soon as i arrive. This thrusts you into the new world and forces you to exist and interact. Keep it simple. Walk around a museum. Or have lunch. Dont do your taxes