1. "God Bless America"
    See: every baseball game 7th inning stretch
  2. "Single Ladies"
    See: wedding bands. Beyoncé makes it look easier than it is
  3. "Respect"
    See: American Idol audition. Youre not gonna sing it better than Aretha. I promise.
  4. "Gin N Juice"
    See: Karaoke by every drunk white guy. This goes for almost every rap song.
  5. "FourFiveSeconds"
    See: Youtube cover.
  6. "Star Spangled Banner"
    See: beginning of everything
  7. "Fortunate Son"
    See: Bar band playing the local street festival.
  8. "Happy Birthday"
    See: classrooms across America. Kids love singing this off key in a hundred octaves.
    Suggested by @yrfriendrachel