Its 4 hours long and I really enjoyed it. If you dont have the time to watch, here are your Sinatra Cliff Notes
  1. Frank was an only child
  2. Frank was a teen idol and blew through $11 million in the 1940's before going broke!
  3. His Columbia Records years weren't so great.
  4. After bottoming out, he sang better. He made his famous Capitol recordings in the early 1950's and had the swagger and bravado of a man who had been through the ringer and now understood the heartbreak in the songs he was singing.
  5. His version of "New York New York" wasnt released until... 1980(!!!!)
  6. His son Frank Sinatra Jr was kidnapped by an old classmate who had fallen on hard times and gone crazy.
  7. He and the Rat Pack are often credited with saving Las Vegas. Before they set up shop and did nightly shows, the city was going broke.
  8. He was almost 50 when he married Mia Farrow. She was 21.
  9. He was a lifelong Democrat who campaigned extensively for FDR and JFK. ...Until he was slighted by the Kennedy family. He campaigned for Nixon and Reagan after that.
  10. The whole JFK assassination theory about the mob comes from the fact that Sinatra got his mobster friends to help JFK win the election. The mob thought that as a result JFK would be mob-friendly, but then he appointed Bobby as attorney general, who cracked down on organized crime. They were PISSED.
    Ashamed to say I knew nothing about this before watching this doc. I always assumed that blaming the mob for the JFK assassination was just random, because you could hypothetically blame the mob for almost anything.
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