1. "I Mean..."
    I only noticed this maybe a year ago but now everyone says it to start a sentence, myself included. It it used where a "hmmm" or "ummm" used to be. Or "I think". Or "I dont really mean what I'm going to say". Or "You're not going to like what I'm going to say." Politicians, athletes, doctors. Its not just Kardashians saying it. WHERE DID IT COME FROM??
  2. "Woo-ing" at a Concert
    There used to just be applause at a concert. Or maybe whistling. Then people started WOO-ing. Its weird and ear piercing. Girls weren't wooing at a Beatles concert in 1964. They were just screaming. Same for Michael Jackson concerts in 1991. I cant prove this, but I believe it began with Journey or Bon Jovi in the early 2000s. WHERE DID IT COME FROM??
  3. "Literally"
    This is of course well documented but I'm still fascinated. I hate it and have worked very hard to get it out of my vocabulary. It's literally impossible to do. It is used where a dramatic pause used to be. Or it means "i'm about to exaggerate something to make a point". Or it means "what follows is the most important part of the sentence". WHERE DID IT COME FROM??
  4. "Legit"
    This is an offshoot of literally, said by people who hate saying literally but still want to use english strangely. "I LEGIT just ate 4 whole pizzas by myself". The more you mean to make a point, the further the "Le" and "Git" get. Ex: "I le.....GIT can't stand her". WHERE DID IT COME FROM??
  5. "Awesome"
    This is a bit of a cheat since Awesome was definitely used a lot when I was a kid, thanks mostly to the Ninja Turtles. But Awesome is now a base level response. It can mean "message received". It can mean "im half-listening to you". It can mean "im mildly interested in this thing I'll never ever consider again." It can NOT be used to describe the view of the Grand Canyon. Also, i know im slightly infringing on a Louis Ck bit here. WHERE DID IT COME FROM??
  6. "Fine"
    Also existed when I was young, however fine used to mean high quality as in "That's a FINE hat you're wearing today sir!" If someone told me my hat was "fine" now I'd set it on fire and throw in the garbage. Ex: "How does this dress look on me?" "Fine!" "fuck off". WHERE DID IT COME FROM??
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