My Twitter bio explained
  1. Static
  2. Pro-bono comedy writer
    I did stand up for a while after college and have taken some screenwriting classes. I rarely do stand up now but I still write jokes. Twitter has been a good outlet for that but I do want a real writing job. Hire me.
  3. 420
    I have a few topics I like to joke about. Weed is one of my favorites. I have a few ideas for a stoner film. I think a stoner adaptation of The Wizard of Oz story would be funny as hell.
  4. Blasphemer
    I am an atheist and ridicule religion often. Ironically I have a master's degree in religion. The plan was to get a PhD in the philosophy of religions but now I don't know if I want to go to school again.
  5. Dad
    I am divorced with 2 kids. I am a proud and active dad. If you are following me on Instagram you will see that. My kids provide an equal amount of joy and comedy material.