Things I'm into this week

inspired by @bjnovak
  1. The Mindy Project
    I like Mindy Kaling. I have been a fan since her days on the office but I have never really watched her show. The show followed me yesterday and I thought that was pretty cool. I'll watch the season premiere on Hulu on October 4th.
  2. Pepperdine University
    My alma mater is once again in the top 50. We were in top 50 when I went there back in 1998 then we slipped out for a while. We are back! Go Waves!
  3. Leonardo DiCaprio's Instagram feed
    This week I learned that over a hundred million sharks are killed. Leo wants us to help stop that. I'm on board.
  4. Beer festival
    I never click on the ads that pop up while I'm listening to Pandora but I clicked on this one. There is a beer festival in Ventura County. Not too far from LA. I'm going to this event with or without a date.
  5. Hiking
    I love hiking. I live near a bunch of hiking trails and go often. Lately I haven't gone as often because I've been busy with work and have been unmotivated but this picture has sparked my interest in going everyday again. Fun fact: in college I took a hiking class my senior year. It was one of the few A's I got.