Lessons learned from a year of working with at a one-of-a-kind true American institute.
  1. Instead of a 4pm and a 5pm on your calendar, you have a "Hash" and a "Re-Hash" broken up by "4:20 bro."
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  2. Any time someone gives you food you experience a moment of panic as to whether it's "medicated" or "non-medicated" ... but only after taking your first bite.
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  3. You don't even have to open Grindr to receive photos with captions like: "I just need someone to lick it now" and "Isn't this the thickest one you've ever seen?"
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  4. Dab breaks are a thing.
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  5. Macaroni crafts take on a new meaning.
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  6. All of your friends and family think you're high when you're not.
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