I've lived in Nashville for 15 years, so take it from a local.
  1. Spend hours thinking of the best ways to avoid crossing the river for plans. Stay in.
  2. Accept an invite to dinner with friends. Open Google Maps to see the drive is more than 2 miles. Cancel dinner with friends.
  3. Set plans to try that new, hip restaurant that opened up in the neighborhood. Go to regular haunt anyway.
  4. Skip going to the music festival down the street because you're sure the headliner will play the Ryman in a month anyway.
  5. Tell your friends you're waiting until after rush hour is over before heading out. Fall asleep during the wait instead.
  6. Find a bar that serves your favorite local beer. Leave, buy a six pack at the nearest gas station, and go home when the bar is inevitably out of it.
  7. Realize the Preds, Titans, and Sounds are all playing, there is a concert at the new amphitheater, and the Black Keys are playing a secret show at a dive bar. Set your car on fire instead because you're never going to be able to leave your driveway anyhow.