1. The creepy in-your-face ads in MINORITY REPORT.
  2. Amy in the pool, chewing down on Fritos Missouri redneck style in GONE GIRL
  3. ET loves Reese's Pieces and he's had a rough night, so let the poor stranded bastard have something nice
  4. Where is our DEMOLITION MAN prequel set in the Fast Food Wars? I want to see Taco Bell smack the hell out of Jack In The Box.
  5. "You're gonna have to answer to the Coca Cola company!" in STRANGELOVE.
  6. In and Out cameo in LEBOWSKI
  7. The Twinkies in GHOSTBUSTERS and ZOMBIELAND. And, for that matter, the GHOSTBUSTERS product placement in ZOMBIELAND.
  8. FedEx associating themselves with a fatal plane crash in CASTAWAY
  9. Coke again in BLADE RUNNER
  10. A weird bit in a bad Eddie Murphy movie called THE GOLDEN CHILD where a kid uses psychic powers to make a Pepsi can warp into a little stop motion-animated man and do a little dance. Man, I hope I didn't imagine that in a fever dream.
  11. IKEA in Fight Club
  12. The Toy Story trilogy
  13. Baby Ruth in both Caddy Shack AND Goonies
    Suggested by @mallofamanda